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Someone may die, says the victim of the HWT robbery scam.

“Someone may die,” says the victim of the HWT robbery scam.

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An image is taken from the viral video that was shot outside the ATM.

“I believed I was going to pass away.”

That is what a woman who was the target of a robbery prank committed against her by two males last Monday at Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew, said.

During the prank that was recorded to be shared on social media, the men forced the terrified woman to hand over her money and phone while ordering her not to make any noise since they were armed.

The males finally gave in and informed the woman that it was a joke after she started crying.

Since then, a video of the incident has gone viral.

But, the unnamed woman told TalkUpDiTingsDem News that the audience didn’t see her bawling on the ground in the video. She claimed that she was trembling wildly.
She claimed that the video contains far more than what has been made publicly available.
The woman, a Jamaican who now resides in the United States, claims that the incident did not occur until she had been close to the ATM for less than three minutes.
After getting her hair done at the Clock Tower Plaza, she felt it would be safe to wait for her driver there, so she did. Instead, she was tricked. She was rudely awakened, nevertheless.
She claimed that when the men approached her, she was aware of the “small gold chain” she was wearing and assumed they would take it and leave. Instead, they allegedly instructed her to hand over her money and phone and remain quiet since they were armed.

She claimed that those who were acting in such a way were not weighing the benefits and drawbacks of what was actually happening or what might occur. They must stop, I say.

The victim further warned that if nothing is done to stop the pranksters, either the pranksters or their innocent victims will suffer harm.

really, very afraid… Despite the fact that I gave them everything I had, they persisted in pushing me to show them what was inside my suitcase. They kept going because they weren’t satisfied.

The males, she argued, went too far.

Since the video went viral, there has been indignation among people who have watched it, with many calling on the authorities to take action.

Since then, the police have released a statement urging victims of the jokers to file official reports. They added that they have opened an investigation into the situation.

Not over a week had passed since the woman had arrived in Jamaica before the incident. The day after being duped by the pranksters, she left the island as planned.

The victim claimed that after calling the Half-Way Tree Police Station, she was informed that she would have to come in to file a report.

She is no longer in Jamaica, so TalkUpDiTingsDem News contacted the police to inquire about her potential choices.

There are various methods she can use to provide the statement, according to Inspector Shaunjaye Mitchell of the Corporate Communications Section.

“Typically, Jamaica has a JCF [Jamaica Constabulary Force] attaché based in Washington who might send the message to us. The JCF could even ask our police colleagues in the state where she is located to record the statement and send it to us notarized as an alternative method “explained he.

The Evidence (Special Measures) Act, he continued, contains provisions that allow witnesses to provide depositions remotely via video link.

The woman told TalkUpDiTingsDem News that if her speaking out will prevent it from happening to anyone else, then at least something good can come from the experience that has left her permanently scarred. She has not been able to watch the entire video since it was released because it makes her feel like she is reliving the incident.

She also expressed gratitude to others who aided her throughout the incident, including a Scotiabank employee who helped her to calm down by lifting her off the ground and into the bank.

When compared to how I actually cried, the sobbing you see in the video was not so severe. I cried all day long until my eyes swelled,” she claimed.

The woman is adamant that until the authorities remove these individuals from the streets and outlaw “this pranking thing,” someone will perish.

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