Match preview: World Cup 2022 quarterfinal between Croatia and Brazil

Brazil is feeling confident after defeating South Korea 4-1 to advance to the quarterfinals against Croatia.

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Who: Croatia vs. Brazil

A stadium called Education City

When: 6 p.m. on December 9 (15:00 GMT)
On Monday, Brazil played brilliantly, defeating South Korea by four goals in a devastating first-half performance.
The top-ranked South American squad will enter its encounter against Croatia on Friday with high spirits and a wave of confidence.
The ability of Croatia to play every knockout game until the bitter end has made them a challenging side to defeat and a source of frustration for many opponents. Additionally, they have experience playing and competing in high-pressure contests as 2018 World Cup finalists.

On their road to the World Cup final in Russia, the Croats notably endured three rounds of extra time during the knockout stages. In the round of 16, they defeated Japan this year thanks to penalties.
Brazil will need to be careful not to become complacent if they have another strong start to this game; else, Croatia may punish them.
Richarlison, who has scored three goals in as many games and leads Brazil in tournament goals so far, had another strong performance against South Korea.
Neymar of Paris Saint-Germain made a strong comeback from a group-stage injury against South Korea, and he appears poised to play on Saturday.

Brazil may rely on Thiago Silva of Chelsea and Alisson of Liverpool in goal to contain the threat of Croatia’s star playmaker Luka Modric even as they attempt to overwhelm a well-organized Croatian backline with offensive flair.
Only two goals have been allowed by Croatia so far this tournament, but there very well could have been more if Romelu Lukaku of Belgium had been able to convert any of his golden opportunities in their last group encounter.
Brazil has won all four of its previous encounters against Croatia. Croatia will advance to their third World Cup semi-final if they break that trend on Friday. They were runners-up in 2018 after being third in 1998, and a victory against Brazil would give them hope that they may win it all this time.
However, they are competing with the country that has had the most success in the sport. Brazil will make a tenth consecutive appearance in the semifinals if they triumph. 
The hospitalization of Pele has united their nation, its supporters, and players in a single prayer to win the Global Cup for the legend, providing the five-time winners with all the motivation they need to pursue a sixth world championship.
The side that triumphs in Friday’s match between Argentina and the Netherlands will play the victor of the Brazil-Croatia quarterfinal.

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