Home » In a TikTok video, BOJ is unable to reclaim a contentious currency.

In a TikTok video, BOJ is unable to reclaim a contentious currency.

In a TikTok video, BOJ is unable to reclaim a contentious currency.

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The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has reported that it was unable to recover a $1,000 bill that recently attracted substantial attention on social media because it seemed to lack security safeguards.

The central bank opened an inquiry into the note after it was mentioned in a woman’s popular TikTok post.

The BOJ pledged to resolve legitimate concerns or problems with the nation’s banknotes in response to the video, which appeared late on Monday.

The BOJ acknowledged that it had contacted the person who had first shared the video on social media, but it has been unsuccessful in its efforts to retrieve the precise letter in question.

The BOJ advised people to call its customer service line at (876) 922-0750 to answer public queries.

The bank also emphasized the value of sharing and consuming content responsibly on social media platforms and issued a warning against the spread of false, incorrect, or unreliable information.

The BOJ noted in a news statement that “the bank takes the integrity and security of the nation’s currency seriously and reiterates the significance of sustaining public faith in Jamaica’s new generation of banknotes.”

Before releasing the polymer banknotes into circulation, the central bank informed the public that it had made investments in cutting-edge technology and carried out thorough testing to ensure their sturdiness and security.

The BOJ also pleaded with Jamaicans not to purposefully put the money through pointless tests, citing a video showing liquid being poured on two banknotes.

Although the new notes passed the liquid test, the bank said in a statement, “The bank appreciates the curiosity and intrigue around them and advises members of the public to refrain from purposefully submitting them to unwarranted testing.”

The BOJ further cautioned that a legitimate banknote could only be replaced at its Kingston office if it were to become compromised or damaged.


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