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How Is A Politician Able To Wear Two Hats… MP and Councilor?

 How Is A Politician Able To Wear Two Hats… MP and Councilor?

George Wright, MP for Westmoreland Central
Councilor for Peter’s Field Division?

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Hugh Graham, MP for St. Catherine North Western
Councilor for Lluidas Vale?
There seems to be uncertainty in some quarters as to whether a councilor can also serve as a member of parliament in Jamaica.  One Mayor says while the law has been approved to prevent that from happening, the law has not yet been promulgated. A senator says the law is clear and a minister of government also agrees with him that an MP cannot be a counselor at the same time. They both say that the moment you take the oath of office to be an MP then you are no longer a councilor.

It seems to me that we need a very clear and definitive statement coming from the Director of Election about this matter.

Hugh Graham declares that he is both a councilor and an MP and he is doing both jobs but he is paid as an MP. I have not been able to hear from MP George Wright.

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