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G2K Demands Resignation of School Principal

G2K Demands Resignation of School Principal

Explosive Scandal Rocks Jamaica: G2K Demands Resignation of School Principal Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations


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Discover the shocking scandal engulfing Jamaica as G2K demands the resignation of a school
principal amid sexual misconduct allegations. Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional
affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), has made a bold call for the resignation of
Errol Bascoe, Principal of Tacky High School in St Mary.

The demand comes in the wake of damning allegations of sexual misconduct reported in the media
against the People’s National Party (PNP) politician.

The St Mary police have investigated the allegations, which led to Bascoe’s resignation as the PNP’s
provisional candidate for St Mary Western. Bascoe, denying the accusations as “scurrilous” and “malicious,”
has not elaborated on the nature of the allegations, though they are reportedly sexual and involve a young man.

G2K expressed deep concern over Basco’s prioritization of the PNP’s reputation over that of
Tacky High School, questioning his ability to lead an educational institution with integrity
and accountability. Shayne Kerr, G2K President, emphasized the principal’s responsibility to
safeguard the school’s reputation and students’ well-being.

Calling for Bascoe’s immediate resignation, G2K highlighted the risk his continued tenure poses to Tacky High School and its community. The organization urged him to act in the school’s best interest by stepping down promptly.

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