Citizens Made Many Complaints And No Action

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 Citizens Made Many Complaints And No Action

The following email was sent by a citizen complaining about a challenge at the Middle Quarters Primary School in St. Elizabeth. This is an example of someone once again appealing to the authorities in writing to deal with a matter, yet no attention is given. The person has now written to the Ministry of Education, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, and myself.

The Email:

The gate is left wide open and a  “GANG” OF BOYS come every day including SUNDAY MORNINGS AND SUNDAY EVENINGS.

This gang is there even during lockdowns and curfews and the Police are unable to deal with them as they are being warned when the Police are coming.

Many of these gang members have family and friends in the Police force. 

They continue to:

Trespass on my premises

Steal coconuts, ackees, etc and destroy seedlings, trees from Forestry Department

Tear down fences

Break into unrented premises on property

Defaecate on my property

Throw stones on my house, and unrented premises

Shout, Scream sometimes using the sound system

Editors Note: I have edited parts of the email where the complainant made some accusations that I cannot substantiate.

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