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The carnage on our roads continues and it seems we lack the will to do what we need to do. The National Road Traffic Council needs to be properly funded to carry out its work.  The first thing that needs to be done is to remove the road hogs from our thoroughfares. That would be an easy task if the ticket system was working. We need a system where if you receive above a certain amount of tickets your license would be suspended for a year and possibly up to five years. After that, you would need to go back to driving school. In some cases, persons should have their license taken away permanently.

Ms. Paula Fletcher, the Executive Director for the Nation Road Traffic Council says that the resources allocated are not enough to do the work. Ms. Fletcher said that the investment dictates the returns. She outlined that with enforcement, the traffic ticketing system, getting the new Road Traffic Act in place a lot could happen.

I mentioned to her that we need to have persons who are trained to assist injured persons at the scene of an accident. They should be equipped with proper equipment to assist in dealing with the injured in a road crash to minimize further injury to persons who are being taken to the hospital.

Ms. Fletcher opined that even if we were to enforce the current act things would be better on our roads. She pointed out the difficulties in apprehending the bike riders who breach traffic regulations. She indicated that when these riders are stopped and the police approach them, they then ride off and in trying to apprehend them, it has cost police officers’ lives. In some countries, Ms. Fletcher pointed out that pole ice throws something across the road to puncture the bikes’ wheels, which will prevent them from getting away.

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