Still on the table is a payment arrangement for unpaid traffic citations, says Shaw

Still on the table is a payment arrangement for unpaid traffic citations, says Shaw

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In attendance at the ninth 40-day Road Safety Awareness, Campaign Stakeholders Partnership Roundtable Conference of TODDS on Thursday (December 8) at Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew were Minister of Transport and Mining Audley Shaw (left), First Vice-President of Taxi Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), Henrieta James, President of the Falmouth Taxi Association, Sheldon Malcolm, Lorraine Finnikin, and President of TODSS, Egeton Newman. (JIS photo)

By this week, it looks like the government will have decided on a new “final approach” for the collection of unpaid traffic fines from drivers, including taxi drivers who recently protested in quest of a payment schedule.

Audley Shaw, the minister of transportation and mining, revealed this during a symposium on road safety for Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) stakeholders on Thursday.

The Court Administration Division (CAD) established night and Saturday courts to help with payments after Justice Minister Delroy Chuck warned drivers to “pay up” for unpaid penalties after the government rejected their requests for a payment plan or a traffic ticket amnesty.

Shaw now asserts that it is important to recognize that some people will undoubtedly require more time to pay for the tickets they have accumulated.
Shaw stated, “I just want to stress that the government is now examining the best course of action with regard to all of these outstanding tickets that are in the system and that have not been paid for.
“By the way, the problem goes beyond money. The problem moving ahead must be our people’s protection “He suggested.
So, the minister explained, “We are working with Cabinet, and by Monday, Cabinet will have to approve the final policy with respect to outstanding tickets.”
Shaw stated that the proposal from TODSS about the desired payment arrangements for unpaid traffic fines has been received by Cabinet and is being thoroughly considered.
Additionally, Shaw said, “They (Cabinet) have received a proposal from TODSS, and I want to let you know that we are looking very closely at that proposal because we appreciate that some of the individuals who have accumulated a lot of tickets certainly are going to require a little time to pay them off.”

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